Our Designers
KEAN 2013
Bluetique is proud to carry the Signorelli label. Signorelli founder, Meredith Garrett, believes in hope, love, and faith and that fashion can make the world a better place... The company is also committed to inspiring humanitarian purchases, whether it's by using organic fabrics, designing graphic art that promotes peace and awareness, or collaborating with non-profits. Signorelli manufactures everything in the USA and their designs are carefully constructed- breathing life, awareness and fashion into every tee.  Every Signorelli tee also donates back to one of eight charitable causes: Computers for Africa, Organic gardens for Public schools, Inspire the Arts, Educate America, Cause for Paws, Awareness for Breast Cancer, Wildlife Adoption Program or Giving the shirt off our back.
Bluetique is happy to carry Junk Food Clothing. Junk Food is the Original Vintage T-shirt Company, and a licensing powerhouse based in Los Angeles since 1998, Junk Food’s designer lines include fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees.  These designs conjure up the ambiance of American pop culture from the NFL ®, Star Wars ®, The Beatles ®, Disney ®, Marvel ® and DC Comics ®, Coca-Cola ®, Popeye ® and many more.
At Bluetique we carry SOLOW items because they are casual and timeless... Silhouettes for day, night, travel and nightlife. The company believes their clients create their own look - mixing trends, color and prints finding a balance that is elegant and feminine but always comfortable. Whether you want to cozy up in their “Street to Gym” pieces... Or to layer casual pieces over work out pieces as ca over up to                        and from the studio.
SO NIKKI The designers at SO NIKKI strive to stay on top of the newest and hottest styles of the season.  The label specializes in Tye Dying and garment dying to make every garment stand out from the rest,  We just love these guys !
ANM is a young contemporary woman’s fashion clothing line. Its designs, quality and attention to detail are influenced by the high fashion industry of Europe. They continue to grow in popularity around North America and Europe.  With each season, the designers inspiration at ANM continue to change while staying current with the trends of today’s fashion at an affordable price. We’re happy to be out in front of the curve on this designer !
Mighty Fine is a Los Angeles based design studio that has grown from a progressive yet underground t-shirt line into an internationally recognized fashion force and brand innovator. Each line they create is designed for the specific needs of that customer.  The studio’s strength lies in its ability to create original, exclusive artwork while applying the latest treatments and processes to deliver a final product with great style and fit !  MF is a mighty fine fit for our Bluetique crew !
As a company, DZ seeks to offer a wide variety of styles for fashion conscious and style savvy customers. From trendy casual wear to chic dresses and fashionable tops and colorful outer- wear, the DZ line has you covered.   It is a line that is truly unique, and is young and edgy with a twist. Double Zero fashions offer our fashion savvy customers both amazing style and value.
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